When I was but a young lad of 6, I was found to have a crippling hip
disease that, if left untreated, would rob me of the ability to walk. 
With parents divorced & Momma struggling, the doctor that attend me
either was a Mason or knew of the Scottish Rite.  The Scottish Rite
hospital in Atlanta, Ga. attend to my needs without cost.

While being treated by Scottish Rite and walking on crutches, I fell on
a broken bottle & cut my wrist severely.  An angel in the form of a
grayed-haired mason came to my aid.  Without a phone or owning a car, he
 not only got me to the hospital in time, but solicited strangers off
the street to give blood... for in 1957 there were no blood banks as they
are now.  I lost 50% of my blood supply, so I owe this Mason my life.

When a lad of 14, my Dad fell ill to a heart attack and was unable to
work.  We lived in the country, Dad was self-employed & Momma didn't
drive.  She had to stay with him during his rehabilitation period.  The
Masons of our community, every store owner in the small town where we
lived & many neighbors came to our aid.  They provided me with clothes,
shoes & saw that my school lunch was provided.  For weeks, food would "show
 up" on our door steps every day or so.  When Dad was able to care for
himself, Mom got a job she didn't apply for and was provided
transportation in a carpool with several other ladies.

Why did I join Freemasonry?  How could I not?

 Joe V. Bolin

Berlin 465/Doerun 151/Moultrie 381