I joined PH Masonry because of the desire that I had to maintain my
involvement in and with my community, to fulfill my need to make a
significant difference within my home, my family, my community and
ultimately-the world!

It is said that Masonry takes a "good" man and makes him a "better" man.
 I believe that to be true. Knowing the foundation of Masonry better
informs us that it takes a "good" man to even be interested in Masonry.

The rewards of Masonry are infinite. The fellowship shared within the
brotherhood is, in my opinion, the most cherished part of Masonry. The
ability to know that there are people with whom you share a commonality
with that cares for you and in turn, you them.

For all of you who are interested in becoming Masons, just know that it
can and most cases will be the most proud and endearing experiences of
your life. Good Luck.

Peace for your journey,

Bro.Ryan T. Frazier

Central Lodge #1 Indianapolis, IN