When I investigated all of the arts and parts of masonry, I saw a whole
system of beauty revealed to me.  I had been interested in finding out
what masonry was all about since the day of my youth, when my uncle,
with whom I lived with at the time.  I saw that he was a Shriner and 32°
 Mason and that he was very active in the community and church.  I
always wondered why people looked up to him with such esteem.  I often
found myself asking questions about what it was that he was apart of,
only to be answered "you'll find out one day".  This matter laid dormant
for some time and was refounded while I was in college and ran into one
of my long time friends who had recently joined the order.  I asked him
questions, much of which were the same as the ones I asked my uncle. 
Only this time, he replied, "come find out".  I did!  Needless to said,
I have found that this fraternity is one of friendship, love, admiration,
 respect, loyalty, and honor.  Much more so than any other fraternity
that one could be apart of.  When asked why I joined the Masons in
college rather than a Greek fraternity, I always reply, "we make good
men better!", can any other fraternity say that.  The virtues, history,
and art that is this fraternity we call masonry is the reason it is the
oldest and one true fraternity on earth.  I was born to be a Mason!

M.W. Casey Thomas, 32°
Jurisdiction of GA