The reason I became a Mason was after being raised in a family that held this thing called masonry in such a high esteem I wanted to know what it was all about. My grandfather in Mississippi was a 33rd degree mason and when he died there was a parade and his body was carried thru the streets. This was a memory that stayed in my mind. I began to read about and ask questions about until this statement was put to me in order to be one ask one and I did. I have found this to be the most beautiful institution in the world. The brotherhood ,dedication ,education and knowledge has indeed taken a good man and made him better. I have been a brother for 15 years I am currently Worshipful Master, Royal Arc, Royal Select and Knights Templar 32nd and a Noble of Mystic Shrine and enjoying every moment.

To all brothers stay strong focused and committed.

Fraternally Submitted,

WM C Welch
Celestial Lodge #80 PHA Illinois Jurisdiction