Why I joined Masonry:

I am a third generation Mason. I grew up with the influences of Masons who were my Grandfather's friends and brothers. My Grandfather died when I was six, but his friends and brothers still kept in touch with our family through  my Grandmother.  When I was old enough to join DeMolay, I had at least six Masonic sponsors waiting in line. While a DeMolay, I learned of the importance and positive influence of Masonry, and how it affected those touched by its precepts.  Joining Masonry was always a foregone conclusion, it was just a matter of when. I was one of those people that said I would join "as soon as . . ."    At 38, I finally realized that there is never a perfect moment in life's organization to join, yet every moment is a perfect moment to enter into a life-improving environment.

Why am I a Mason:

I am frequently asked "what do you get out of Masonry?" I tell people that Masonry's major benefit to those outside the fraternity is our philanthropy;  and the greatest benefit to those that are members of the fraternity is the inner fulfillment of belonging to an organization that improves the quality of a man's life through the emphasis of the fatherhood of G-d and the brotherhood of man. An organization that accepts every man as an equal.  An organization that can support (without interfering in) a man's personal spiritual belief while at the same time not insulting or excluding another's. In short Masonry is the antithesis of the old adage that "you get out of  it what you put into it." No matter how much I put into Masonry, I still get more out of it. All this at the bargain price of my annual dues, which cost less that going to see a movie once a month.


Bruce Abanathie, PM