Name: Brother Larry Farmer
Lodge: Giblem Lodge # 2, MWPHGLNC


I was initiated as a Prince Hall Mason in Japan in 1976 and raised in Massachusetts in 1978. I was in the United States Army at the time and traveled to Texas, Germany and visited and served with brothers there. I am now back home in North Carolina. There is a particular issue I want to address in this forum. I am white and I made my decision to become a Prince Hall Mason because of my belief in God's word which tells me God is no respector of persons and I can not have more authority than God. When I first made my decision, I was redressed by white peers and even told it would destroy my military career. I have not once regretted my decision. My brothers have been wonderful no matter where I traveled. I have enjoyed fellowship and true brotherhood literally all over the world. I am very concerned that all jurisdictions have not crossed over and broken down that invisible wall that has for so long seperated the Prince Hall Masons and the main stream Masons. Because of my unique status I feel very strongly about this situation. If the mainstream Masons and the Prince Hall Masons tore down all of those invisible walls and began to work together we have the power to literally change our country. Look at history, my brothers, the country was founded by brothers. If we could just come into the current century and get over all the old garbage we have been living with for so long, great things could happen. I urge all of my brothers, world-wide to support their Grand Masters in making this a reality. If we are going to claim to live by the Great Light in Masonry, then we can be no respector of persons, after all we are not my powerful than God. God bless you all.