Name: Ed Horwitz
Lodge: Howard #101 Elkridge, MD
Date: 12-May-2005


For me, becoming a Mason has been a lifelong goal, although I didn't realize it until my uncle died in December, 2003. He was 90 at his death, and he was a Mason. He had some Masonic rites performed at his funeral. I, at age 49, had never really thought about the Masons, but, all of a sudden, it was a worthwhile goal that I just felt compelled to pursue. I knew, and still do, that the Masons would make me into a better man, husband, father, and son (my father is a Mason, too). I was raised to Master Mason on 4/4/2005, and my journey has just begun! I am looking forward to learning a lot and contributing, too.

Bro. Ed Horwitz
Howard #101, Elkridge, MD