Name: Lee Edward Neal (king David Lodge)
Date: 15-Jun-2005


Hello Thank you for taking the time to Read My Story

At the age of 01 masonry became interesting to me, I visited the  after the 09/11 attacks, while we were in new york, passing out fliers to the people who lost their families, I noticed a church that had not been torn down or affected by the downfall.

At the age of 23 i move back to Washington, DC and visited Howard University and looking at some of the great Halls on the campus and began reading stories like the one i am posting today here at Lincoln university. today i am living in Washington DC after joining the King David Lodge in Camden, New Jersey at the age of 31

Why I joined
Masonry makes a good man better and after seeing the world a little, I know that the best way to go anywhere in life is as a Masonry in good standing, with out it (Freemasonry) you will be in the dark, and with it you will become a beckon of life.