Date:        04-Feb-2003


I never really knew what a Mason was until 1990.  Two of my best friends
were quite active in Masonry and from time to time would mention some of
the projects their Lodge was undertaking.  I kept waiting for them to ask
me to join, but they never did.  Finally, curiosity got the best of me and
I asked the familiar question, "How do you get to be a Mason?"  The rest as
they say is history.  I asked for a petition in December 1990 and was initiated
in January 1991 at age 54.  One of these friends served as Master in 1993,
the other in 1994. I followed right behind them and was Master in 1995.
All my adult life I have been affiliated with one civic club or another.
 I would go through the officer's line-up, get bored and move on to the next
club.  I have never gotten bored with Masonry or the appendant bodies.  I
have wished a thousand times I had known about Masonry when I was 21 years
old.  It has literally changed my life by changing my outlook on life.  The
main thing Masonry teaches you is to take a look at yourself and if you don't
like what you see, change it. I looked, I didn't like, I changed.  For the
better.  I am a firm believer in the old adage, "The more you put into it,
the more you'll get out."  In August, 2002 at age 65 I received my certificate
as Certified Lecturer. Last month (January 2003) I was appointed District
Deputy Grand Lecturer of the N.C. 24th Masonic District.  There is truly
"light added to the coming light."  God willing I shall serve this Fraternity
until they out me in the ground.  Masonry is one of the greatest things that
ever happened to me.  "TRY IT, YOU'LL LIKE IT!!"

Name:        Ray Williams
Lodge:       Asheboro 699, Asheboro N.C.