I am making this comment as my own personal reason why I became a Freemason.
One of my co-workers is a Freemason, we were and still are the best of friends
and co-workers. He was always selling raffle tickets or tickets to an event.
So one day at work I said to him that I was ready to join the Masons, I had
no idea what I was getting in to. I am now in my 6th year as a Prince Hall
Mason, I have been appointed Sr. Deacon in my lodge. It has been more than
I ever imagined. This has been a really and truly wonderful experience. The
phrase "Masonry takes good men and makes them better" was true in my case.
So whoever read this do not let this statement sway you but make up your
own mind.


Willie Gus Wilson,

Sr. Deacon Felix Lodge #3 Wash. DC