His station is in the South, reached by one step.  His seat is representative of one once occupied by The Master Builder.

A sheaf of wheat is displayed over his station.

His jewel is the Plumb, which teaches Rectitude of Conduct.

The color of his station is Blue, denoting Beauty, Fidelity, Truth, Eternity and Friendship.

He carries the column of Corinthian.

His duties are second only to the W.M. in quantity.

- manager of entertainment

- counselor and advisor

- supervisor of morals

- admonisher to erring members

- prosecutor during trials

He is to conduct personal investigation into all charges against a member. Should the charges prove factual, he is to prepare written charges for presentation to the Lodge, in a regular meeting.

Prior to presenting charges to the Lodge, the W.M. should be consulted and informed of the severity, thereby allowing time for the W.M. to give private thought and consideration. Like any other Lodge business, these charges can only be read at the Will and Pleasure of the W.M.

In the absence of the W. M. and the S.W., the Jr. Warden shall open the meeting. Unlike his two seniors, he can not open the Lodge from the East. He must do so from the South. Once the meeting is opened, it is his choice to preside, or call on a P.M. to do so. At the start of he should have begun making himself familiar with Lodge his tenure, procedure.

He is a member of the Grand Lodge.