Elder members of a craft most usually recognize this officer as The second most important in the Lodge because of the requirements of the office, duties performed and relation to the W.M.

He is expected by all to be a highly knowledgeable member. Should he not be extensively knowledgeable, his best attributes in that position is a desire to study and learn his duties fully. A good memory is needed.

In regards to directions and instructions, the Treas. and Sec. are in a strictly administrative capacity. Therefore the S.D. is looked on as the fourth ranking officer in the Lodge.

His stationary position in the Lodge is in the E.N.E. area of the Lodge, just to the Front and to the right of the W.M., where he can best serve as proxy.

As the senior attendant, he is to protect and attend on the W.M.

His jewel is the S & C with the Sun which denotes his place near the East.

His every act on the floor is representative of the desires of the W.M. and must be accepted by all as such. The W.M. seldom appears on the floor

The W.M. appoints as his S.D. a Brother with whom he can work comfortably and who he has no doubt been closely associated in the past.

Through a W.M ongoing conversation, his S.D. should be able to read ahead and immediately move to perform proficiently when ordered.

In the opening and closing ceremonies he moves about swiftly, quietly and efficiently.

He is the drawing personality during degree work and is directly assisted by the Stewards and M. of C.

He must master certain Masonic dialogue, never being satisfied with the knowledge already digested.

During degree work or instructions, he must be certain his innovations are not such that the meaning or intent of a subject is lost.