The position of these officers in the Lodge is at the right and left of the Jr. Warden.

Their jewel is the "Cornucopia" also known as the horn of Plenty. This jewel signifies that the wearer is a servitor of the Lodge.

They are to assist other Lodge officers in the performance of their duties in the Lodge.

Of the Jr Wardens duty to provide entertainment and refreshment, he is merely to establish and provide the means. The physical portion bf that duty is to be carried out by the Stewards.

As the word Steward means servant, they are in fact servants of the Lodge. (Since the year 926, Stewards have been directed to provide refreshment and good cheer to the craft during the hours of refreshment.

They are to assist the Tyler in the preparation of the Lodge and aid in the care of all furnishings.

At social gatherings, they are to make certain that the Worshipful Master and special are adequately provided for. Also at meetings.

If there are Masters Of Ceremonies appointed in the Lodge, the Steward are considered to be the higher ranking servitor.

In many Lodges, the business of examining visitors is a duty of the Jr Warden, which he will sometimes relegate to the Stewards.