His station is in the West, upon a dias reached by two steps. He sets in a seat representative of one once occupied by King Hiram of Tyre.

the color of his station is 'Red', emblematical of Strength, Zeal and Love.

His jewel is the Level, emblematical of Equality. (Masons meet on the level) We should never act in the presence of a brother, at a level higher than that which he has attained.

In the presence of the Master, he is the second ranking officer or member of the craft, and must always respect the Master as goes every other member.

While the Master is about the business of the Lodge, the Sr Warden generally is authorized to superintend the behavior of the craft.

A responsible and concerned Sr Warden will attempt to involve himself in all aspects of Lodge movement, and stay abreast of lodge activities.

He, like the Secretary, should be in contact with the Master almost daily in order that he might stay informed, and the Master should welcome this type of concern and support.

Including degree work, the Sr Warden duties are minimal as compared to those of the Master. Therefore, upon taking office, he should begin serious study into the duties of the Master ; to be adequately prepared to assume the Master's seat in his absence.

In the absence of the Master, the Sr Warden is to faithfully represent the Master, and govern the Lodge as such. At the earliest time following his tour representation, he should contact and inform the Master of the proceedings during his absence.

The  word Warden (extracted from France) means surveillant or overseer.

He carries the Column of Doric.