His place is without the door of the Lodge.

He is to permit Entry or Exit only to those whom are permitted

His jewel is the Sword,

He is the keeper of Lodge properties.

He, through acceptance of office, relinquishes participation in Lodge affairs, except he may participate in balloting, at which time he is relieved by the JD, since their duties are somewhat the same.

He is to place Lodge regalia before meetings, with the aid of the Stewards.

He must collect entries to the members and visitors registers.

He should maintain a comfortable outer room. There should be refresh­ment for all awaiting entry or exiting the Lodge.

He is the messenger for the Lodge, and should deliver special summonses when such an act is denied by the craft.

It is not necessary that he be an elderly brother, but he should be a knowledgeable brother and one who knows the local craft,

He is generally appointed by the Master. ( in some jurisdictions he is an elected officer )

Any Brother approaching the outer limits of the Lodge, and the Tyler does not know him, must be required to furnish a current dues card. If he cannot produce such, he should be sent away immediately, unless he asks for a member inside whom he supposes vouch for him.

Before a newly appointed or acting Tyler assumes that place, he should be fully informed of his duties

When the Grand Master (GM) arrives, the Tyler should alarm the door and inform the J.D. the door is not to be closed, but is to remain open until the G. M. has entered.

The Lodge should not be alarmed during opening or closing ceremonies, nor should it be alarmed during elections.