The Master's Square, when inverted and extended, becomes the Past Master's Jewel.


The Compasses, extended to Thirty Degrees, is placed on the Quadrant.

The space between the Compasses and the Quadrant forms the Triangle of the perfect man (looking to the Heavens for Spiritual Illumination)

The Blazing Sun is placed in the Triangle (symbolizing the six point star symbolizing the perfect man; symbolizing the ever present Deity thereby forming) the Past Master's Jewel.

In astrological definition, Thirty Degrees is the symbol of Rebirth. The Master has attained the Physical (Material) and the Spiritual which has prepared him for his Re-birth. This is reminiscent of the Three moveable jewels, namely the Trestle board which is being worked on by the Master and eventually symbolizes the Past Master who history recognizes as the Perfect man. He, the Past Master, is inferred to possess the combined Physical and spiritual which connects Masonry to the Universal Law.

Further, the lesson infers that a properly prepared Master is one who has served in both physical areas South and west.