MARCH 24, 2002



I awoke in the middle of the night a few days ago with sadness in my heart. I awoke thinking of Masonry and how I continue to miss it as much as when I was first made one.

I left my lodge Pride of Giessen Lodge 63 back in November 1998 heading to West Point, New York as a follow on assignment for my wife and now we are here in Las Vegas. It began then in New York that I started to see and feel that Masonry was in need of Revival. I felt that there was a disconnect between the lodge and the brothers that where not in the lodge's location.

 I began to remember my Entered Apprentice degree, as in my first lecture when I was asked. Where were you first prepared to be made a Mason? I answered, In My Heart. I began to think of the heart, as it is one of the most impotrant organs in our body that if it stops functioning we stop to exist.

In Masonry it is the same we have to function to exist. We as Masons are the heart of Masonry and we are the ones that can keep it going, we are the Revival. We have a responsibility to move Masonry through this time of Revival. We first have to find that desire we had when we first became a Mason. We where on fire and proud to work in our community and our Jurisdiction we shinned wherever we went. When you were asked, Whence came you? You would answer that question with all the charitable works that you had engage since the last meeting. It was what our Great Grand Master Prince Hall desires of us. It was through his pain and suffering that we can meet as Mason and enjoy the fellowship we have today.

I have traveled through many jurisdictions and have worked with them and I find the same problem. The lodges are satisfied as to where they are. Lodges have to move up and Seek opportunities to rise up from the routine actives it's use to. Lodges have to Ask what more it can do for the community and it's craft. Lodges also have to Knock so that the opportunities that are out there can be open to us, support to the Boy & Girls Club, Boy and Girl Scouts, Feed the Homeless, we have to let our light shine in all the worlds eyes and not just in our own.

I think back to my first degree in the second lecture when I was asked, "Why was you hoodwinked?" I answered that my heart might conceive before my eyes beheld the beauties of masonry.  Here we are back to the heart, that part of the body that drives all our blood to and fro. If the lodges want to reach the next level we have to keep all our brothers informed as to what is in the works and in the furture.  We have to seek out those brothers that have been lost or dropped and bring them back as a start. This is not an easy task; it will take every brother in Prince Hall Masonry to get this Revival to happen. We are the ones that will make it happen.

My brothers, you that have left your home lodges and are living in states other then in your own jurisdiction, you have a passport to travel in any Prince Hall Lodge near you. Those lodges are waiting to assist you to continue your travels in Masonry. I have met many brothers out here that have not visited lodges in their areas and have lost contact with their own lodges and now are not in good standings. It's those brothers we have to find and lead them in the right direction. In my travels since I left my lodge I have conducted study clubs in my home finding those brothers seeking help to get back active in Masonry. I have work with Hebron Lodge 48 in New York and found brothers seeking to become Masons, I've work on their degree teams and have worked where they have needed me. That is part of answering all Signs and Summons that is given me. This is the lest that I can do to get this Revival going.

I say to my many brothers in District 9, Washington Jurisdiction, and the following Jurisdictions, Georgia, New York, Maryland, Oklahoma and Texas. I have worked with many of you in all my travels, and I see that desire in your eyes to bring Prince Hall Masonry to a new level. We can do it, show that love for Masonry by finding out one of our lost brothers and bring him back to the Lodge. Let us begin this Revival now.

I end this letter with this when a brother leaves your lodge for whatever reason we should ask two questions Why and What. When a brother has moved from your location to a new assignment his first correspondence shouldn't be about his current dues payment but as to what the lodge is doing and that he is missed and has he found a lodge to continue his good works. All brothers want to know is where they stand with their lodges and what they can do to support. Write those brothers and continue to show that Friendship and Brotherly love that we are famous for and you will be surprised of the out come.

I Pray that all who received this letter find it in their heart to support this movement to raise up Prince Hall Masonry in all our walks in life. Let us keep his dream a reality.

From a Brother who truly loves Prince Hall Masonry, what we stand for and will have Mission Accomplishment.