May 7, 2002



I've been asked by some Brothers, why have I started this quest in the Uplifting of Masonry? How will I know the results in this quest? My answers have been, I have traveled to many areas and have noticed some of the impressions that Masons have left in some communities and how low attend Lodge meeting are. Brothers are raised and not returning to the Lodge.

I will know the results when I receive testimonies from Brothers about Lodge growth in the future. My purpose is also to plant seeds in Brothers so that the desires that we had when we where raised can return and spread through out Masonry. This quest will be an on going task with the end being Brothers will return to their Lodges and continue to do good works.

 I have touched on two subjects so far: In My Heart, and Sharpness. I thought about these two subjects and realized that to understand them we have to do what any good workmen does to get a project done. We have to go into our toolbox and use our WORKING TOOLS. At times we forget to use them or we try to use them without truly understanding their purpose.

Real craftsmen keep their tools honed and well kept. We use them in our daily walk in life, (i.e. home, work, play, and church). Those six Working Tools that were presented to us in the three degrees we went through to become Masons.

I am giving you my interpretation of the Working Tools. I was taught that in the course of a 24-hour day I had to regulate my time in an upright matter. I should devote time to feed my spiritual hunger so that our walk in life would be clearer. Devote time in helping others but more important to be an example in the home and give wise counsel to our children. Be a spark plug in our jobs by being that Brother that can be depended upon. The words from our mouth be clean, intelligent and respectful, improve our mannerism, be of the highest level of appearance and conduct. Ensuring that we care for our health, exercise and rest. Aware of our actions during refreshment and relaxation. 

I was taught to have a clear and clean mind in all situations. I should chip away at negative and wrong thoughts. Always presenting myself as a wholesome and upright man. Always talk with wisdom and uplifting counsel, using our Lord as a guiding light. Remembering that we are preparing ourselves for that spiritual uplift and that place in heaven with the Father.

I was also taught that my walk in life should always be upright, wholesome and clean. That wherever we're at we are a beam of hope to those in need. Ensuring that our word is our bond. Become leaders in our communities, church, work and home. Study the Plumbline our Lord laid in our mist, the Bible so we can truly understand our purpose. Our actions in life should be of honest intent. Don't promise what you can't deliver. We should gage the goals we set and understand their purpose. Speak with confidence and not with malice, see the positive, tell the truth. Our time is gagged in this lifetime and all our works should be good, understanding that it doesn't always end that way. We have to set foundations for our youth who will take charge and carry on. We want to ensure that when our candle of life is extinguished we will hear those great words,"Well Done My Good and Faithful Servant".

Finally I was taught that as we build in life we aim to build a solid and firm household, Lodge, community and church. Our goals should be that of maintaining Brotherly Love in all our endeavors. We are that light on the mountain that can be seen around the world. Our continuos spreading of Brotherly Love is our goal and it's Never-ending.

These Working Tools where given to us to better our walk in Masonry and life. If we don't truly understand their use we'll be lost. We just can't use some of them we have to use them all. To have and maintain a good walk in Masonry we should open our toolboxes take out our Working Tools clean and oil them. The jobs we Prince Hall Masons have are not easy ones in this day in time, to reclaim lost Masons and be that beacon of light in our communities will take the use of all our Working Tools to Uplift Masonry.

Brothers the time has come to rise up and take an active role in ensuring that Prince Hall Masonry lives on, lets bond with those brothers who haven't been to a Lodge meeting in awhile. Talk to those brothers that feel Masonry is not what it use to be and tell them of the good works being done by the Craft and Lodge and that they are needed to help continue to do good works.

I challenge you this month to find a lost Brother and get him to attend a Lodge meeting. If the 80 Brothers on my mailing list find one that begins the ball rolling and our enrollment will begin to increase and the Uplifting of Masonry begins. To those Brothers already working hard to Uplift Masonry my Deepest, Deepest Thanks.

Again from a Brother who truly loves Prince Hall Masonry and has a Vision. WE ARE MASONRYS HOPE.