A Beautiful System Of Morality, Veiled In Allegory, Illustrated By Signs And Symbols. This is a direct form of Masonic rhetoric, and it's full understanding is embedded in the allegory of the Order.

A Beautiful System Of Morality: reminds us of God's system, or pattern, which He established for us to follow each day of our lives. That system is God's Moral Law. His Law is segmented into ten primary instructions that we know as The Ten Commandments.

Veiled in Allegory: reminds us that the Hidden Mysteries of Freemasonry can only be found and understood when we search our rituals, dictionaries and Holy Bibles for greater depth and understanding in those things deemed secretive in Masonry.

Illustrated By Signs And Symbols: verifies the fact that Masonry is hidden and that it is secretive. Like the symbols that we display openly, our signs, words, grips, characters, etc., each carry a definite surface meaning. Yet, it is below that surface that we find the Spiritual, Material, Physical and intellectual allegories.

If, in the Lodge, we remove all signs, words, grips and hieroglyphics (symbols and characters), what remains is the craft and God's gift to mankind, which is the Holy Bible. Still, we have not moved Masonry; only the illustrations and modes of projection have been moved. The allegories of Masonry are still present, in the Holy Bible. This is to say that Masonry is no more, and no less, than, the study and practice of religion; and the guiding of our actions within the realm of God's Law.