A little incident, containing some mystical interest, transpired in
Wayne county, South Carolina, during the late war. It is as
It was late at night, the husband was absent, and the wife, alone
with her children, had retired. Three or four soldiers rudely
knocked at the door of the house, and demanded entrance and
something to eat. The good lady told them that it was too late, that
she had nothing cooked, but fearing they would break the door, she
got out of bed, and opened it to expostulate with them.
They insisted that she should cook something for them, and while
she was getting ready, and they were roaming about the house, one
of the party, who seemed to be the leader, happened to find a copy
of  Mackey's "Masonic Jurisprudence." Turning over he found the
name of the poor, frightened woman's husband written on the
"Is this your husband's?" he inquired of the lady. "Yes sir," was
the timid reply.
"Is he a Mason?"
"Yes Sir."
"Come, boys, right about-march!" and immediately the house was
cleared and quickly closed.