How to join Freemasonry

Where to start:

Reach out to a Master Mason you know and ask him about Freemasonry.  If you want to join after learning about it, ask him about joining.

If you don't know a Master Mason, you will have to find a lodge or Master Mason to support you.  You can search for a Grand Lodge in your state, visit their website, and attempt to find a lodge in your area on their website.  If you can't find a lodge in your area, please contact the Grand Lodge for assistance.  Don't be afraid, I've always found Grand Lodge members to be very humble and respectful. 

No one is ever invited to become a mason or to join a Masonic Lodge. While all morally good men would be welcome in any Masonic Lodge, you must ask a Master Mason about becoming a member.

Steps after asking to join:

Once you have asked to join, you will be given an application (petition) to complete.  Once the petition is completed, you submit it to the lodge for processing.  During the processing phase, the lodge will select a committee to investigate you (you are called a "candidate") and report its findings to the lodge members. The members then vote on your petition by way of "ballot box" (note: you must receive unanimous approval).

Having passed the ballot box, the candidate then receives the first of the three degrees which make up the symbolic Lodge. The first degree is the Degree of Entered Apprentice. The second is the Degree of Fellow Craft, and the third is the Degree of Master Mason. After he has completed all degrees he is then an accepted member of a great and noble fraternity.

Qualifications to join Freemasonry:

Please note:  These qualifications are what the webmaster found to be "normal" after visiting several websites.  The Jurisdiction in which you petition may add, delete, or re-word the qualifications listed below.  We do no attempt to speak for any Grand Lodge or Lodge.

  • Be a man at least 18 years of age (some Jurisdictions 21).
  • Believe in a Supreme Being.
  • Live an ethical and moral life.
  • Reside in the jurisdiction you want to apply.
  • You MUST ask to join.
  • You must submit an application and pay the necessary fees.

We wish you well in your search! After you join, please return and let us know by filling out the "Why I joined" section of this website.

Our links sections should have the current link for the Grand Lodge in your state:  Click here.