How to join Freemasonry

How does one become a Mason?

This short article will provide the facts without all the bells and whistles.  To become a Master Mason you will have to ask a Master Mason, because a Master Mason will never ask you to join Freemasonry.  If you know a Mason then this article ends here.  Ask him about Freemasonry.  Let him know you want to join!

What if you don't know a Master Mason?  Well, you will have to find a lodge/Master Mason to support you.  You can do this by looking in the phone book under one of the following: societies, lodges, Freemasonry, Fraternal organizations, etc.,  until you find a lodge. 

A little hint: There are differences in lodges... in most cases  you will find in the United States of America that there are white lodges and black lodges (Note: In most jurisdictions there are members of different nationalities, and color in attendance).  I mention this after a Brother sent me an e-mail who asked to join a Lodge and found out this information the "hard way."  

No matter which Lodge you call,  a BROTHER will help you and guide you to submitting your application.  If you prefer to be in one Lodge or the other, ask the Brother.   Most African-Americans join lodges known as "Prince Hall" Lodges.  I have a section of this website with information on Prince Hall (look to your left). 

What is a petition and what happens when it is submitted?

Most men do not understand the process of getting membership in a Masonic Lodge. No one is ever invited to become a mason or to join a Masonic Lodge. Though all morally good men would be welcome in any Masonic Lodge, however, the man himself must ask a mason about becoming a member. Once he has done so, he will be given an application (petition) to complete and he has taken the first step. It is then submitted to the local lodge for processing. The lodge will select a committee to investigate the candidate and report its findings. He must receive unanimous approval of the members.

Having passed the ballot box, the candidate then receives the first of the three degrees which make up the symbolic Lodge. The first degree is the Degree of Entered Apprentice. The second is the Degree of Fellow Craft, the third is the Degree of Master Mason. After he has completed all degrees he is then an accepted member of a great and noble fraternity.

Qualifications to join Freemasonry?

Please note:  These qualifications are what the webmaster found to be "normal" after visiting several websites.  The Jurisdiction in which you apply may add, delete, or re-word the qualifications listed below.  We do no attempt to speak for Freemasonry only to help; to ask as a guide.

To found the qualifications in your state / country please visit our "links" section of this website and click on "Grand Lodges".