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Files: This month there are 10 new files for you to read. 

Our Blog: We launched a blog earlier this year in order to upload Masonic news and content.  If you want to upload news from your Grand Lodge or post other Masonic news, please contact us.  We would like to have a couple of contributors to post news or other Masonic information to the blog. 

Newsletter: As you can tell, we are now moving to a quarterly format for the newsletter.  Our goal is to provide the quarterly newsletter and to update the blog at least once a week or once every two weeks.  If you have an idea or contribution, please contact us

Online Files: We are in the process of reformatting our online papers so they are easier to read and print.  The reformatting should take 6 to 8 months.

Online Files Search: We also removed the files search feature.  The old search feature did not work as expected with a large number of files to search.  We are working to find a paid search feature that works. 



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Five has always been a sacred and mystical number; Pythagoras made of it a symbol of life, since it rejected unity by the addition of the first even and the first odd number. It was therefore symbolic of happiness and misery, birth and death, order and disorder—in other words, life as it was lived. Egypt knew five minor planets, five elements, five elemen­tary powers. The Greeks had four elements and added ether, the unknown, making a cosmos of five.

Five is peculiarly the number of the Fellowcraft's Degree; it represents the central group of the three which form the stairs; it refers to the five orders of architecture; five are required to hold a Fellowcraft's Lodge; there are five human senses; geometry is the fifth science, and so on.

In the Winding Stairs the number five represents first the five orders of architecture.



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Freemasonry is special, and all of us should feel proud to be members.  With that said, please ensure you pay your dues and attend meetings!   

Fraternally and Sincerely,

Brother Mathews

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