August 2004

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As promised in past issues, we found a name that best serves our purpose in life:  This WILL BE the last name change our site has to go through.  We have a couple of members who can remember when we first started on a free hosting site back in 97. 

From there we had many urls over the years: (dropped since no one could pronounce it), (dropped because of the letter "4" or was it "for" or "four" Masonry?), and (dropped since Brothers confused us with  Our main Masonic business site also changed to

We have a new newsletter script, and tell-a-friend script.  In the near future Masonic World will also receive a new site search function for you to find information quickly.  We will also update all the pages in order to find information easier. 

If you write Masonic articles and want them posted for others to read, please contact us immediately.  Even if you only have ideas for the site, contact us!                


Affiliate program

We are proud to announce our Affiliate program is now in operation!  An affiliate program is where you place a banner on your website or in your e-mail signature, and when a Brother clicks on the link, he is taken directly to  If they make a purchase, you receive a commission on the sale.  You don’t even need a website to join our affiliate program… you can place the link in your e-mail or online bulletin board signatures. 

You can read more information here:

FREE Gmail invite

We are giving away six Google Gmail invites over the next three weeks.

Click to join our Google Gmail give-a-way:


Why the use of the picture of a heart in the third degree?

Masonry is an internal principle, and is intended to regulate the outward conduct only by its purification, transformation and spiritual enduement of the heart.  Heart-promptings are to be considered most important among those who seek admittance, advancement and promotion. 

MASONIC ADVERTISING - Site with all your Masonic Software and Masonic Board Game needs!


Death the Liberator



The Pythagorean Tradition


Final note:

We have not sent the newsletter on a regular basis in the past couple of months since we are working on the updates to the site.  We are moving forward to improve the site for the long haul.  Some sacrifices, in the short term, may be unavoidable.  We do apologize for not getting out regular newsletters, but please stick with us as we update the site!  


Fraternally and Sincerely,

Brother Mathews

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