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December 2000


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First and foremost to everyone who subscribes to the Ornan newsletter, thank you for your support.  

The past year was very exciting as the main Masonic website (this newsletter post from) changed from Ornan.com to 4Masonry.com.  Of course the name of the newsletter is now "Ornan" instead of "Ornan.com."   The last major change to the newsletter is for delivery in a "web-based" format that will be accessible 24/7.  A lot of times Brothers and/or Sisters may not want to store e-mails on the hard drive or they may find it hard to organize newsletter e-mails.  Now all of the e-mails will be available online without having to remember dreadful passwords.  Hopefully the new "web-based" newsletter will please all members who subscribe to the newsletter. The Ornan newsletter will still be delivered to your mailbox, but for some members to use the links they will have to go to the newsletter site to access the "web-based" newsletter.  

There is now a major focus on content (newsletter and website) and what Brothers and Sisters would like to see/read as we move into another year.  If you have any suggestions or input, please send us an e-mail at jtm@4masonry.com .  If no suggestions are sent then we will move on   

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What's new?

As you read above the newsletter is now in a web-based style.  

You can now have your own professional Masonic e-mail (for example, yourname@4masonry.com ).  Just visit www.4masonry.com to sign up!

What's hot?

The Music of Freemasonry website is dedicated to the rich history of Freemasonry in music and attempts to offer a tempting bit of the music associated with freemasonry and information about Masonic composers….  


Masonic Education

Brotherhood is a means whereby men may be organized into a harmonious social order.  Insofar as this is not already accomplished, Brotherhood remains a task.  Since it is so necessary a task Brotherhood devolves upon every man as a duty.  Freemasonry has always understood this and it has taught these facts to its initiates.  The time has come for it to assume a more active leadership in carrying out the task of Brotherhood, the need for which has become so tragically necessary. 

Most of the great problems facing our country, and other countries, are only larger aspects of the evil passions that Masonry is trying to subdue.  If we would apply to the world at large the doctrine pf the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man, many of our great problems would be solved.

Copyright, Little Masonic Library, Volume V, Macoy Publishing & Masonic Supply Co., Inc. Richmond, VA

More Masonic Education!!
For those more time to indulge in a nice read: Belief 

To copy the link: ( www.4masonry.com/masoniceducation/belief.htm )

Final words
Please stay safe this holiday.  If you drive, please watch out for the other person and do give consideration to those who are in a hurry.  Let them pass.  Let them speed.  Stay calm and stay alive.  

Again, to everyone who subscribes to the Ornan newsletter, thank you for your support.  I wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy and prosperous New Year.

Until next year...

Fraternally and Sincerely,

Past Master Mathews