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       Dec  2001


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Thank you for supporting 4Masonry.com in 2001.  In the upcoming year you will see a change in the way we handle our websites (4Masonry.com and MasonicCD.com).  We are slowly separating the two websites. 

At one time MasonicCD.com was only a "folder" inside of 4Masonry.com.  Now, it has its own website and e-mail.  In Jan 2002, MasonicCD.com will have its very own newsletter, therefore only product updates will be mentioned in the 4Masonry.com newsletter. 

We are also continuing with the "update" of 4Masonry.com...

What's new?

Attention all Masonic webmasters (or those who link to 4Masonry.com):  We changed the URL to several of our pages over the weekend.  If you "deep" linked into our website (ie. www.4Masonry.com/graphics/default.htm) then you will notice that it will no longer work.  Most of our deep pages are labeled "index.html." 

Also, as a warning, 4Masonry.com name will change names within 6 months, as well.  You will still be able to catch us at "4Masonry.com" but not at "4Masonry.com/graphics."  An exact date has not been decided. 

We will continue to support the 4Masonry.com e-mail!!!  If there are any questions, please contact us at the contact page. 

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They sell more than just "buckles."  As stated on the front page of the site: "This is your Shrine and Masonic headquarters for all your needs."

Masonic Education!

Why has Symbolic Masonry three de­grees only and not four or seven or a larger number, as have other branches of the Fraternity?

Three is the numerical symbol of the equilateral triangle, which is man's earliest symbol for God. It was the "most sacred number" at the dawn of civilization. Ma­sonry emphasizes it: three degrees, three circumambulations in the Third Degree, three Great Lights, three Lesser Lights, three steps on the Master's Carpet, three Fellows who stood at the gates of the Temple, three who discovered the Master Workman, three principal rounds, three Grand Columns, etc.

 Evidently the ritual makers of an early age believed that there should be a symbol­ism of number as well as of object in the teaching of Masonry regarding the father­hood of God, to instruct that He is present at all times in every ceremony and meeting.

(Carl H. Claudy, PGM District of Columbia)



More Masonic Education!!

By precept and example



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Work, work, work

Final words

I look forward to be given the opportunity to serve the online community for another year!

I wish everyone a  prosperous 2002! 

Until next month...

Fraternally and Sincerely,

Past Master Mathews













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