Dec 2002

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What's new?

This month we are asking that Brothers of this list help support by supporting our Brother site, and purchase a MasonicCD - the new updated products launched 26 Dec 2002.  All profits from MasonicCD sales are placed back into the Masonic community, Masonic websites, and additional Masonic educational projects. 

Why are we asking for money from this list?  Well, it is really simple.  In order to host this site without banners, we have to pay a cost.  In order to provide certain pages, we had to pay a cost (the new links page cost money).  In order to grow this site in 2003 we must purchase new programs to automate functions - very expensive programs.  For example, we must purchase a proper e-mail management program to send newsletters.  Without your help this site will not grow. 

After reviewing all possible means of receiving funds we decided to turn to this list to help support our cause - we are not looking for handouts... in return you will receive a very fine Masonic product!   (over 1000 Masonic test questions, 2000 Masonic graphics, 26 e-books, 51 crossword puzzles, 111 Masonic screensavers, and more....)

We have set up a special link for all members who want to purchase a MasonicCD:  with this link you will receive a special discount for the MasonicCD Ultimate: $5.00 off its already mark downed price. 

Thank you for your support.

Working for the craft.

PM Mathews

P.S. It is a mistake to think someone else is going to support this site...

We will host a very special January addition to make up for the missed educational features in this edition. 

This is our first time asking for financial support from our online Brothers. 












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