Feb 2003

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Masonic Education!

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What's new?

First, THANK YOU to Past Master Vega for his contribution to this months education section.  

Also, thank you to the supporters of our website!  We appreciate the support of the members of this newsletter.  We will slowly add features to this website. Currently our main focus is launching our Masonic Board Game at and another product, which we have yet to release any information -- as usual, stay tuned.  We are working several Masonic projects at this time.  2003 will be very busy for all of our Masonic sites. 

We also purchased recently.  If you have an idea for -- or would like to develop a web presence with, let us know.  We will entertain any ideas to help Freemasonry.   You can have a long or short-term plan.  Contact us via the contact page.

(note: we are not selling we simply do not have the time to develop.)

What's hot?

How would you like to win a free Masonic prize?  Information available at:

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Masonic Education!

This month we have a special education treat for you.  Past Master Richard Vega sent us his newsletter files that he mails out on a regular basis.  Although directed towards Prince Hall freemasonry, every Mason can learn and gain inspiration.  We have 10 files of very interesting reading:

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Let this newsletter become your forum.  If you have educational material you would like to submit please contact us via the contacts page on this website. 

Working for the CRAFT,

Fraternally and Sincerely,

Past Master Mathews













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