Jan  2003

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What's new?

While visiting my favorite sites I stumbled across a very interesting article titled: "Poised for Growth Again?"  It is one of the first articles that provides a positive outlook on the growth of Freemasonry. 

Winter 2002

You can also visit: (this is a very informative site about Freemasonry).

Do you remember the information I submitted in November about the "one day Masons"?  Well I never thought I would get so much mail in opposition!  For all in opposition... read this article:

Well I received word that Ohio will have another Mason in a day event,  Grand Lodge of Massachusetts and the Grand Lodge of Michigan has joined the crowd as well.  I would also guarantee that many other Grand Lodges are looking to hold Masons-in-a-day events. 

What's hot?

1)  Are you going to support Freemasonry? .   This area is intended for "those interested in Masonry" to get answers to questions.  There is an area for Masons to comment on why they joined Freemasonry... we would welcome input from current Freemasons in this section... what you write could help someone decide to join....

2)  Please visit and add your Grand Lodge and Lodge website to our links section!  We are looking for all current Grand Lodge links.

Masonic Education!


Thank you for all the support in MasonicCD purchases.  We appreciate the financial support and hope you enjoy your new software.  So far we have had great reviews on our new MasonicCD offering. 

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