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      July  2001


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Congratulations to the June winner of the MasonicCD.com "MasonicCD test" give-a-way:  Brother L. M., Wilson Lodge #12, Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Indiana and its Jurisdiction.

Thank you to all the Brothers who participated!!  Don't worry we still have one more drawings!  Go to www.masoniccd.com to register.


What's new?


I went to Boston and visited the gravesite of Prince Hall. I placed many pictures of the gravesite and placed detailed maps about how to get to Prince Hall's gravesite. Why did I do this? Mainly as a dedication to Prince Hall, secondly because I could not find information on the net about how to find Prince Hall's gravesite. 



What's hot?


This is a great Masonic source of information! 



Masonic Education!


For 40 years after the Second World War, Freemasonry was over-protective of its privacy. There was also a policy of not talking to the media or correcting any factual errors which appeared there.

As a result, many people developed strange perceptions of what Freemasonry is and what Freemasons do.

Since 1984, Freemasonry in England has returned to being open in order to dispel the many myths that have grown over the years. These days, Freemasons are encourage to talk about Freemasonry to their families, friends and colleagues. Spokesman are available and have been interviewed many times on television, radio and in the press. Anyone can come and look round Freemasons' Hall in London and many other Masonic meeting places around the country have public open days.

From: Grand Lodge of England intro page


More Masonic Education!!

Anti-Masonic propaganda myth - judaeo.htm


Freemasonry and religionpart2.htm

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Three principal rounds.htm

Two pillars.htm


Grandmaster's powers.htm

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In the fore front, speading light.htm

In the intereste of the brethren.htm

Pot of incense.htm

That ancient square.htm


Final words

If you have registered for the "TestCD" drawing, please send more Brothers to the MasonicCD.com drawing so they can register as well!  We were very happy with the amount of Brothers who have participated... Thank-you.


Until next month...

Fraternally and Sincerely,

Past Master Mathews












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