July  2002

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What's new?

1) July, August, and September will be months of travel for  This will serve as vacation / promotion of our MasonicCD products sold at  If you know of a local store in your area that might be interested in seeing a demo of our MasonicCD line sold at, please let us know though the contact section of this website.  Our travel time and dates provided at

2) Thank you to: Richard D. Marcus of George Washington 1776 Lodge, #337 F&AM
Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin for providing the article: Discretion and Secrets.

3) New section of the website added!  We added a section to help potential members join Freemasonry.  In this section where potential members can read information on why current members joined Freemasonry.  We urge you to place an article / paragraph in this section! .

What's hot?

Did you know you could place your Masonic and non-Masonic in our link section on ?   If you belong to a Grand Lodge and know the current URL... we would like to see your Grand Lodge listed!

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Masonic Education!



(From The Builder, Anamosa, Iowa, April, 1917)


Does the square that you wear mean the test by your God

Of the work that you do, and the word that you speak,

Of the will of your mind, the thought of your heart,

Of the Past that is gone, of the Future you seek?


The Compass you wear, does it mean that you move

Within the true bound appointed and sure,

Restricted desire, pleasure defined,

A yielding of self to the bonds that endure?


The Triangle too ‑great emblem of Him

Who is Maker, and Master, Beginning and End, ‑

Do you wear it to show that He is to you

The Source and the Aim that all others transcend?


What means the gold trowel that hangs at your chain?

Does it tell of the mortar of Love that you spread?

Of the joint well cement with fine brotherly love?

Of the stones that now lie in the well‑mortared bed?


If 'tis not so, then take the poor jewels away;

The meaningless bauble will only deceive

Yourself and the others you meet on your way

As meaningless lies which none ever believe.


More Masonic Education!!

We added more than 12 new files to the education section of the website.  Files are located at:

Working for the CRAFT,

Fraternally and Sincerely,

Past Master Mathews













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