June  2003

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What's new?
We are looking at a new format for this newsletter.  If you want to see a section in particular we would ask that you write us via the contact section.    One idea was a "around the Masonic globe" section in which we will provide info on all Grand Lodges in the U.S. and abroad.  We will work on a new newsletter idea this summer.   We will also focus on opening new sections to this website.  We often ask but never receive many replies about what you want to see on the website.  Please drop us a line.  Our goal is to get the newsletter fixed and open several new sections by this December. 


What's hot?

Did you sign up for the forums but are not participating?  Participate NOW and join our growing online Masonic chat line!    View the forum now!

We launched successfully the Assistant Secretary, with many positive feedback from those who made the purchase.  The Masonic Board game did not launch successfully.  After the board games arrived to our warehouse we noticed a small blemish on all the boards.   We are sending the board games back to the manufacture to fix.  The new ship date: 15 Aug 03.  This was a small setback. 

Masonic Education!
The Evolution of the Cornerstone Ceremony

Friend to Friend Masonic Memorial

A Study of the Winding Staircase

Sins of Our Masonic Fathers

We now hold the Brother

Albert Pike And Lucifer






Advertisement: - E-books, screensavers, Masonic test, and much more....
Assistant Secretary - New Masonic Database program -- not just for the Secretary of a lodge.
Masonic Board Game: Trivia Game - New and exciting way to look at Masonic education. 

Thank you for the support.

Working for the CRAFT,

Fraternally and Sincerely,

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