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Mar 2001


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A mild month at 4Masonry.com with 12 new pages of Masonic Education.  The unofficial word at 4Masonry.com is to put out at least 10 new files (in the education section) each month.  We hope all the Brethren and Sisters are enjoying the reads sent each month.  Also thought we would give you a different background this month as well!         


What's new?

Did you ever want your own professional Masonic e-mail?  Well you can get it here!!!  At 4Masonry.com you can have "yourname@4masonry.com" as your e-mail.  It features: pop3 (to check other e-mail boxes), 6MB of space, check your e-mail anywhere in world - if you have an internet connection, and (best of all) you can select to be notified when you have an e-mail at your 4Masonry.com e-mail account (this is good for Brothers who use the account for Masonic business and do not use the account every day).  There is no catch; the 4Masonry.com e-mail is free of charge.  Get yours today while there are still a lot of great names available...  

What's hot?

The J-Mason.net Project is a group of Masons and Non-Masons working for the Masons & their friends who are Japanese persons and/or understanding the Japanese language. 

The J-Mason.net Project is concerned that the Grand Lodge of Japan does not have enough information on its website in Japanese to inform Japanese people about Freemasonry (GL of Japan website: Japan-freemasons.org).    The purpose of the J-Mason.net Project is very simple: For the persons who are are Japanese or speak the Japanese language the Project will provide them information and articles about Masonry, in Japanese, on the internet. 

They are not an "official" project for any jurisdiction, but an absolutely free, independent, and voluntary body. They make it very clear that they do not have any kind of connections with "official" Masonic Lodges, Societies, Organizations. http://www.j-mason.net/


Masonic Education!

Quick look:  The Past Master's Jewel:

The Master's Square, when inverted and extended, becomes the Past Master's Quadrant.  The compasses, extended to Thirty Degrees, is placed on the Quadrant.  

The space between the compasses and the Quadrant forms the Triangle of the perfect man (looking to the heavens for spiritual illumination).

The blazing sun is placed in the triangle (symbolizing the six point star, symbolizing the perfect man; symbolizing the ever present deity) thereby forming the Past Master's Jewel.  


More Masonic Education!!

Wisdom, Strength, Beauty
The Mystic tie
Black ball/white ball
Morgan affair
Study of Freemasonry
Symbolism on lodge officers
Story of Freemasonry
Relationship with Freemasonry
Christianity and Freemasonry
12 original points of Freemasonry
Final words
We found the J-Mason.net Project very interesting.  We e-mailed the secretary and he was very nice and informative.  It is very interesting to have a group of people working to promote Freemasonry.  If they are in this to promote Freemasonry  in a positive manner (which We think they are) then Hats Off to the project and what it represents.

Last, but most important: A SPECIAL "thank you" to Brother Richard D. Marcus of George Washington 1776 Lodge, F&AM #337, Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin for his write-up of Wisdom, Strength, Beauty (located in the "More Masonic Education!!" section of this newsletter).  We were really pleased with the Brothers in the George Washington 1776 Lodge coming forward to donate extra study material for the (World-wide) Craft!  Thank you Brothers!  

Until next month...

Fraternally and Sincerely,

Past Master Mathews














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