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       Mar 2002

What's new?
What's hot?
Masonic Education!
More Masonic Education!! 

What's new?
There was much work on the website last month (March)!   

Below is a list of SOME of our new features:

  • You can now reach the site from 4Masonry.com OR MasterMason.info.  This function will remain in effect forever so that other websites will not have to change their links.  
  • Better sight navigation - left navigation border
  • Recommend US page - recommend us to three of our Brothers, PLEASE! 
  • Masonic dictionary
  • Better links page!
  • Automated newsletter

We apologize to the new Brothers / Sisters of this newsletter... we usually feature a lot more educational material... this month we were swamped with updating the site and did not have a chance to place all of our research material together.  We will provide more research material in next months newsletter.  PLEASE give us a couple of months to get the site (and newsletter) together... you will not regret it! 

What's hot?

 Tabernacle Masonic Links


Great set of Masonic Links.

Masonic Education!
The Washington Post provided the below article in November of last about Freemasonry.  I found the link on Paul Bessel's site (http://www.bessel.org).  The link below provides a lot of information about Freemasonry / history of Freemasonry.  While not 100% on the money, it still made for an excellent read! 

To view the entire article, go to http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn?pagename=article&node=&contentId=A61372-2001Nov20&notFound=true

(copy and paste to get the article)



More Masonic Education!!

Note: This month we will not send out the education links as in previous months because we are working on the education center... BUT they will return next month!  Below is last months list:

Convention that changed Freemasonry

Crystal gazing

Good kids, hurt kids, bad kids

Masonic Education

Men who builds bridges - not walls

Old legends of Hiram Abiff


Selecting a Line Officer

Standard of Masonic conduct

The Masons Mark

The Story

Travel in foreign countries

A foundation of stone


Working for the CRAFT,

Fraternally and Sincerely,

Past Master Mathews













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