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       May 2001


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Fifteen articles this month!  Thank you (again) to Brother Richard D. Marcus of George Washington 1776 Lodge, F&AM #337 in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin for his contribution to the newsletter.  He submitted an excellent piece titled "What Fortitude Achieves."  

Remember, if you would like to submit an article, just send us an e-mail!  


What's new?

We decided the scrap the idea for a Brother or Sister naming our next CD.  After further analysis it was decided that we would hold one drawing a month in May, June, and July for a free CD.  You can enter the drawing at: www.masoniccd.com.  The winner of each drawing will receive a free Masonic TestCD when released in August.  We only have until the end of this month for the May drawing... GOOD LUCK!


What's hot?

All newsletter e-mails will continue to be sent from the E-groups.com server to accommodate Brothers/Sisters with multiple e-group accounts. 


Masonic Education!

.  The duty of a Mason as an honest man is plain and easy.  It requires of him honesty in contracts, sincerity in affirming, simplicity in bargaining, and faithfulness in performing.  To sleep little, and to study much; to say little, and to hear and think much; to learn, that he may be able to do; and then to do earnestly and vigorously whatever the good of his fellows, his country and mankind requires, are the duties of every Mason.

Brother Albert G. Mackey, M.D.


More Masonic Education!!

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Final words

If anyone has questions, ideas, suggestions, etc, feel free to e-mail us at newsletter@4masonry.com.


Until next month...

Fraternally and Sincerely,

Past Master Mathews