May 2002

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Masonic Education!
More Masonic Education!! 


What's new?

We added more than 55 new files in the education section of 

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What's hot?

The Master's Jewel

"The Man Who Would Be King". The replica pendant from the famous movie was created in response to repeated requests from brethren for this fine piece. The artist, Andrew Horn is a very active Mason and designer living in Port Hueneme, CA. He has been creating new Masonic jewelry in solid gold or silver for his brethren in Santa Monica Lodge and is now expanding through the internet. The jewelry sold at is hand carved
and then professionally cast in sterling silver and 14K gold, includes a 3mm diamond-cut rope chain, and gift box. Please check out the website!

Masonic Education!



There's a fine old Mason in the land, he's genial, wise and true,

His list of brothers comprehends, Dear Brothers, me and you;

So warm his heart the snow blast fails to chill his generous blood,

And his hand is like a giant's when outstretched to man or GOD; 

Reproach nor blame, nor any shame, has checked his course or dimmed his fame

All honor to his name!

This fine old Mason is but one of a large family:

In every lodge you'll find his kin, you'll find them two or three;

You'll know them when you see them, for they have their father's face,

A generous knack of speaking truth and doing good always;

Reproach nor blame, nor any shame, has checked their course or dimmed their fame -

Freemason is their name!

Ah, many an orphan smiles upon the kindred as they pass;

And many a widow's prayers confess the sympathizing grace;

The FATHER of this Brotherhood himself is joyed to see

Their works -they're numbered all in Heaven, those deeds of charity!

Reproach nor blame, nor any shame, there check their course or dim their fame -

All honor to their name!


More Masonic Education!!

We added more than 55 new files to the education section of the website. 

Working for the CRAFT,

Fraternally and Sincerely,

Past Master Mathews













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