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       Nov  2001


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Hello, Brethren!  This is our 12th regular issue of the NEWSLETTER!  We can not believe a solid year has passed since our decision to produce the newsletter once a month.  We want to say "Thank-you" to our supporters - especially to those who endured the start of our website.   We hope that all Masons find some education and enjoyment from reading this newsletter each month.   



What's new?


We are planning a new section to the website for people visiting the site who want to join Freemasonry.  Our most asked question at this site is: "How do I join Masonry" or "What is Masonry."   

The vision for this new site will include information from Brothers on why they joined Masonry, why masonry is important to them, what it takes to be a Mason, etc.   We will also take any ideas you may have for the new section of our site.

We normally receive limited response when we post a message of this sort, but we hope the Brothers of this list will realize the importance of such an undertaking and contribute... even if you only have one sentence to submit... submit something!  You can submit through our contacts page or by e-mailing: JTMAT@4MASONRY.COM .


What's hot?

Masonicwebsites.com - An interesting idea, that will definitely turn the heads of many Grand Lodge and Lodge Officers.  After a recent e-mail conversation with the founder of MasonicWebsites.com he had this to say about his company and its purpose to Freemasons:

"We are offering free web hosting with our content management system (designed especially for Masonic organizations) for individual Masonic organizations (that have one Amazon.com ad on in them).  We have used a more complex version of this system for the Nebraska Grand Lodge (they just started using it) and we would like to sell this system to the other Grand Lodges around the US (and world).  The Grand Lodge system allows the Grand Lodge to have a web site as well as each Lodge within that state on one system.  Each individual Lodge has control over their own site and everything is controlled online with a very easy to use WYSIWYG editor. 

This system is very very easy to use -- the average user can be taught the system in about 30 minutes over the phone."

(As a side note: the only other Masonic web hosting "company" is located at: MasterMason.com - if there are others we will amend this section of the newsletter)

Other known Masonic web hosting companies:


Masonic Education!


The use of two words in the Felloweraft’s Degree is a relic of antiquity and not a modern test to determine whether or not a Mason heles(1) the true word of a Fellowcraft.   We have more accurate ways of knowing whether or not a would-be visitor comes from a legitimate or clandestine  lodge(2)  than his knowledge of ritual.

There are clandestine or spurious Masons, but they are not difficult to guard against. What all Fellowcrafts must be on watch to detect is any quality of spuriousness in their own Freemasonry. For there is no real Freemasonry of the lips only. A man may have a pocket full of dues cards showing that he is in good standing in a dozen different Masonic organizations; may be (although this is rare) a Past Master, and still, if he has not Freemasonry in his heart, be actually a spurious Mason.

Freemasonry is neither a thing nor a ritual. It is not a lodge nor an organization. Rather is it a manner of thought, a way of living, a guide to the City on a Hill. To make any less of it is to act as a spurious Mason. If the lesson of the pass as communicated in the degree means this to the Fellowcraft, then indeed has he the lesson of this part of the ceremony by heart.

lHele, sometimes spelled "heal," pronounced "heel"; often confused with "hail.'' Hele means to cover, to conceal. Is cognate with "cell," "hull," "hollow," "hell" (the covered place). In provincial English a "healer" or "heler" is one who covers roofs with tiles or slates. Com­pare "tiler."

2 Clandestine: other than recognized, not legitimate. A few clandestine Grand Lodges and subordinate bodies still exist in this country, organizations calling themselves Masonic but without descent from regular lodges or Grand Lodges, and without recognition by the Masonic world.

More Masonic Education!!
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Final words
We are working on a new design for 4Masonry.com.  If you would like to see a new section or an improvement to an old section, now is the time to let us know.  We do not anticipate the new design to be completely finished for about 10 to 12 months and have minimum to zero downtime during this evolution.  What will we improve?... better navigation, work on the education section, make some new sections, and work on the general "feel" of the website. 

All comments can be left at the contacts page or in the guest book.    

Until next month...

Fraternally and Sincerely,

Past Master Mathews













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