Nov  2002

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Masonic Education!
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What's new?
Mason in a day... Ohio recently raised over 7000, NY looking to raise (rough number) 5000 Masons along with the Governor, the Honorable George E. Pataki, in March 2003. 

For more information on the NY raising, please visit:


Other Masonic news from around the world:

Pomona's Masons celebrate 125 years

Rethink urged on freemasons issue

Assembly risks legal action

Legal worries over masons vote

Washington as Freemason now at area museum

Don't let the temple deteriorate

The discussion on Freemasonry continues...

New Archbishop: Masons have no place in the Church

Freemasonry rule unenforcable, AMs warned

Exclusive: Freemasons: Welcome to our world


What's hot?

1)  Are you going to support Freemasonry? .   This area is intended for "those interested in Masonry" to get answers to questions.  There is an area for Masons to comment on why they joined Freemasonry... we would welcome input from current Freemasons in this section... what you write could help someone decide to join....

2)  Please visit and add your Grand Lodge and Lodge website to our links section!  We are looking for all current Grand Lodge links.

Masonic Education!

What is the “knife and fork” degree?

Those Masons who take more delight in the refreshments of the banquet than in the labors of the Lodge, and who are known for their social instincts have been called “Members of the Knife and Fork Degree.” This sarcasm was first used by Dermott in his Ahiman Rezon.



Visit the Master's Jewel, see the new Tuxedo Set and Past
Master's Ring... Original Designs, created by Brother Andrew Horn, the
artist at The Master's Jewel.


More Masonic Education!!

We added more than 10 new files to the education section of the website.  Files are located at:

In recent months we have had a very large increase in newsletter signups... we can not figure out why the increase in recent months, but we are very glad to see new faces - we welcome you.  We try our best to do our part to promote Freemasonry in a positive light. 

If you have something you would like to add to the newsletter, please e-mail us at the contact section of this website.

Working for the CRAFT,

Fraternally and Sincerely,

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