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Theory on the evolution of the Perfect Points of Entrance

"Modern rituals on this subject, in a portion of the Entered Apprentice lecture, combine in a single treatment of three different things, as follows:

1. Entry on entrance, the points at which there were secrets and penalties;

2. Certain signs classed as Guttural, Pectoral, Manual and Pedal; and

3. Cardinal Virtues, Temperance, Fortitude, Prudence and Justice. In the earliest rituals, they were entirely dissociated. At least up to 1750, points of entry were no more than secrets, signs, tokens, etc., but undefined.

These were certain signs classified as guttural, pectoral, manual and pedal, not further defined, but seeming to have no connection with entrance. Evidently, cardinal virtues did not enter the ritual until after the middle of the 18th century when they were taken from the Christian church, which derived them from Plato...

So the four cardinal virtues were imposed on the four signs; guttural, pectoral, manual and pedal, and the whole merged with the points of entry, with the result that three matters of doubt and uncertainty, which the ritualists were unable to rationalize were consolidated into one incongruous mass of verbiage. The only part which has any virtue or value is that of the Cardinal Virtues which, however, could stand on their own merits, needing no assistance from the other enigmatic parts."

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