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      September  2001


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Welcome to all the new Brothers who joined the newsletter in the past month. 

For all Brothers, remember, if you have some Masonic education material sitting around the house, don't forget you can spread the knowledge and submit it to this newsletter.  You can place it in a Microsoft Word file, text file, or html file and send an e-mail to: jtmat@4masonry.com.


What's new?

We decided to boost our software test team to include a couple of Brothers outside our group.  You can apply here!  Applications will only be taken until 30 Sep 2001.

If you submitted a request to join our team on 25 Sep 01, we did not get your return e-mail.  Please resend.   


What's hot?

Hiramhunter Masonic Supply

We found this nice Masonic shop, with reasonable prices, on Masonic items not found at other Masonic shops.  After sending an e-mail to Brother Hunter he promptly replied with the following:

" I am switching host any day from Bizblast to Earthstores; It will take a week to get my merchant account live (as of 26 Sep 01). Bizblast hosting was suppose to cease operations last week, but it is still working a little!  I am also www.hiramhunter.com on Ebay too. 

David Hunter
Past Secretary of East Gate Lodge #603 F.& A.M. of Ohio"

He also included a touching story about how both of his sons were raised to the third degree.  We have yet to make a purchase, but the shop owner seems to be on the square. 


Masonic Education!


Q. What is the attitude of Freemasonry toward war?

A. The institutions of Freemasonry are neither political nor national; but of the political course of a Mason in his indi­vidual and private capacity there can be no doubt. He must be "a peaceable subject of the civil powers, and never be concerned in plots and conspiracies against the peace and welfare of the nation"; he must be a patriot. He should love his country with all his heart; he should serve it faithfully and cheerfully; he should take an active part in civil mat­ters and obey the laws of the state. In war he should be ever ready to support its honor and defend it from the attacks of its enemies. In all national conflicts involving the principles of liberty, freedom and justice, the Mason makes a good soldier; he fights, of course, like every other patriotic soldier, for victory. But, even so, the benign principles of Masonry extend their influences, and divest the battle of many of its horrors so far as his conduct is involved. When the victory is won, the conquered foe is still his brother. But the Masonic Lodge in its organized capacity has nothing to do with war. The din of battle, the cry for vengeance, the shout of victory, must never penetrate its portals. Its principles and dogmas teach love and fraternity among men.


(Heirloom bible publishers, used with permission)

More Masonic Education!!

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Final words
We would like to thank all of the Brothers who leave remarks in our guest book.  We do not reply to every guest book remark, but we do appreciate the kind words.  They still motivate the further building of 4Masonry.com and MasonicCD.com.  We check the guest book about 3 times a day for words of encouragement/praise and, of course, problems.  Thank you. 

Until next month...

Fraternally and Sincerely,

Past Master Mathews